Apartment List x Trade Show Booth

Conference/Expo Activation
Denver, CO|June 2019

From Crush Studio:

When you make a house a home, many people show up... at least they do when you plop a home right in the middle of a conference arena. Crush was tasked to design Apartment List’s booth at this year’s NAA Conference where the house shaped logo came to life and begged conference goers to snap some Instagrammable photos. Each guest was welcomed through a mailroom stocked with prizes, then encouraged to tour the rest of the home space by walking through the monochromatic kitchen and living room, ending up in the purple-dream of a laundry room. The build, as well as Apartment List’s presence at NAA, sparked conversation around the problem many renters find when searching for a home: finding one that captures all of their must-have amenities; a problem that Apartment List’s site solves. Welcome home!

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