20 Virtual Event Ideas for Inspiration

by The Vendry

Virtual events have been a popular way of engaging groups in different locations for many years. But opportunities and use-scenarios are increasing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Consumers, employees, and event planners alike understand the relevance of using virtual tools during these times to reach a wider audience. Virtual events have come a long way, especially the gamification for virtual events, and you can count on it to continue to evolve to suit the needs of all consumers. 

Online event production can allow you to connect with current customers or even with a new, global audience. Check out these virtual event ideas to make the most of your next event and to foster community while creating a memorable virtual experience for your guests.

What Is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is a program that participants can attend from anywhere, rather than from a physical event venue. During these times, most attendees of virtual events are joining on a streaming platform from the comfort of their own home. 

Virtual events are increasingly being used to replace in-person events like trade shows. Software now makes it easier than ever to follow through on your event marketing goals. Help your live event run smoothly with reliable audio, video, and content sharing features. Popular platforms and software options include:

– Zoom

– Google Hangouts

– Adobe Connect

– Instagram Live

– GoToWebinar

– Cisco Webex

Growth of virtual events is up 1,000%, according to data released by Forbes in May 2020, and it’s expected to continue to grow as companies, schools, teams, and communities rely on online conferences and webinars. 

Hosting a virtual event doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. Let us help you kick off your next event so that it’s an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Virtual Event Ideas

Virtual DJ Livestream

Invite a live DJ to host your next virtual event, and set the tone for your brand and deliver ambiance for your guests. High-quality audio services can offer either a virtual DJ livestream, or pre-recorded playlists, custom lighting to enhance the virtual experience, and help you get creative with audio elements to turn an ordinary Zoom party into a dance party. With a livestream, DJs can even take requests in real-time. 

Turn up the beat at your next event with a virtual DJ.

Virtual Speaker

Level up a virtual experience with a keynote speaker or series of virtual storytellers. Some of the best virtual events will draw a speaker from anywhere around the world to deliver a message, speak your brand, or share a story. Incorporate a virtual speaker into your next seminar or celebration to transform an in-person event into a robust online experience. 

Learn more about our virtual speakers.

Virtual Concert

Just because your event is now virtual doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the atmosphere. Musical performers haven’t stopped booking gigs, and can easily deliver through Zoom, Twitch, or other streaming services. Create ambiance with warm musical personalities for a virtual wedding, a retirement party, a happy hour, or any special moment. 

Learn more about the musicians available to perform during your next gathering.

Virtual Magic Act

Virtual magicians are engaging and entertaining, and can be just as interactive onscreen as they are in-person. Consider how you can incorporate magic and illusion into your next on-demand event to deliver a fully captivating experience. Full sets and shorter effects alike can be used to add interest to session breaks or interstitial transitions. 

Learn more about the magicians available to perform their act at your next virtual event experience.

Virtual Photo Booth

Browser-based tools make it easy to incorporate photo booth elements into any virtual event. Fully-customizable experiences make it easy to use branded graphic overlays, filters, and green screen backgrounds. Shoot stills, animated gifs, looping Boomerangs and more, and encourage your guests to share their best shots on social media. Some services also include analytic reporting, to measure engagement and shares from your event. 

Get more information about using a virtual photo booth as part of your content marketing plan.

Virtual Portrait

Invite an artist to your next event to engage by way of live sketching, cartooning, fashion illustration, or mixed-media design. Portrait artists in a virtual environment make it easier to capture candid scenes from an event. Activating a virtual event with the help of an artist brings a unique wave of creative energy. In addition to live painting and sketching, artists can also offer Q&A sessions, or lead guided drawing tutorials. 

Learn more about the artists and virtual portrait services available for your next event.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Show off a collection of craft chocolates with a guided tasting experience, and reach a large audience through our virtual programs. Indulge your guests with a customized sampling of fine chocolates, while professional culinary experts provide background on how the chocolate is made, educate on flavor profiles, and help to explain in what ways this chocolate is differentiated by unique processes. 

Attendees will receive samples of each chocolate before the tasting, and will be guided through the virtual experience to make it a truly delectable invitation. 

Find the chocolate tasting program that’s right for your event.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Wellness and fitness has never been more important as employees continue to work from home and families continue to quarantine. Guided seminars for groups big and small can be used to educate on wellness, offer exercise demonstrations for fitness, and promote stress reduction and meditation. 

To enhance the at-home experience, consider offering these classes as part of your ongoing programs to support teams and prioritize employee and community health. 

Get more information about virtual wellness and fitness classes.

Virtual Team Building Games

Climb out of a work rut by engaging your teams with active, exciting, and fun games to virtually bring the group back together. Get competitive with a virtual game show, explore virtual reality technologies, simulate an escape room, or execute an engaging scavenger hunt. A variety of programs can accommodate teams of all sizes and work on many platforms.

Find the best team building game for your group.

Virtual Mixology Class

Whether you’re looking to showcase a new beverage or add a splash to a virtual happy hour event, consider one of our featured mixology classes. Guide at-home mixologists through the art of making craft cocktails and mocktails using on-hand ingredients. Offer a memorable, informative experience that can be enjoyed by groups of all sizes. Hosts provide added insight into barware and its uses, and offer custom packages and menus to suit the needs of your event. 

Discover more about our virtual mixology classes. 

Virtual Cooking Classes

Challenge your crew to put their skills to the test with a virtual cooking class. Explore culinary greatness with international recipes from chefs hosting from around the world. 

One-on-one classes are available for solo adventurers looking to expand their horizon from the comfort of their own home, but classes are also ideal for larger groups, such as if you wanted to create a memorable experience for your colleagues at work, or even to make a meaningful quarantine experience to bring your extended family closer together. Recipes are easily adapted to dietary restrictions. 

Learn more about our virtual cooking classes.

Virtual Dance Classes

Practice your footwork from the comfort of your own home with a guided lesson in one of our virtual dance classes. Instructors offer groups easy choreographed tutorials over instructional video. Even if you’re not sure the whole group would go for such a team building event, the virtual setting can make it easier for your shy participants to let loose. Fun for friend groups, or as a breakaway session that’s part of a larger event, a virtual dance class might just be what you need to mix up your time at home. 

Learn more about our virtual dance classes. 

Virtual Music Lessons

Come together with music during your next team building event. Join with the purpose of learning a new instrument, or with a plan to learn how you can be the in-house DJ when you’re back in-office. Virtual music lessons offer opportunities for those who thrive from learning new things. The pros are ready to teach you their tips and tricks, even if you don’t yet have the equipment. 

Get more information on virtual music lessons. 

Virtual Wine Tastings

Online wine tasting programs make it possible for vineyards and distributors to add an educational component for connoisseurs of all levels. Whether your virtual looks to fast-track an education on pairing Italian reds, or needs to impress a well-traveled group, look no further. We offer everything from winemaking seminars to private tastings, and customized programs to suit the individual needs of your event in order to make it most memorable.

Find the wine tasting program that suits your event.

Virtual Event Production Ideas

Augmented reality event

Invite AR into your next virtual event to make your products memorable and the experience more dynamic. Impress attendees with customized 3D modeling, and use it to make your brand more memorable, even from afar. Augmented reality experiences make it possible for products to launch and can help businesses thrive despite these times. 

Learn more about AR services that can help your client or business at its next event.

An “Event in a Box”

Connect with your audience in a tangible way by producing a personalized boxed product to support your next corporate meeting, event, or product launch. In advance of the meeting, a box of items is delivered to the participants’ doorstep, so that they can have everything on-hand during the event itself for demonstration or event atmosphere purposes. All elements of the package can be customized to brand and personalized for the best possible experience. 

Learn more about how you can support your next event with an “event in a box.” 


Let the experts help you tell your story with a behind the scenes team equipped to make your virtual presentation professional. Avoid complicated and amateur glitches with your next digital event, demonstration or event promotion by partnering with a team of camera operators, sound technicians, and behind the scenes staff that can make an event run smoothly, all while being mindful of social distancing. 

From technical support to creative brainstorming, professional livestreaming services can help you make your next virtual event go off without a hitch.

Get more information about livestreaming services.

Remote Production

Assemble your own at-home set with a production kit containing everything you need to launch a professional, virtual program. Renting lighting kits with light rings, wide-angle and telephoto lenses, tripods, high-quality microphone options, and teleprompter setups make it possible to turn your home office into an all-in-one production center. 

Get the equipment and instruction you need to get started with your own remote production. 

Virtual Set Design

Professionally staged sets with physical, branded elements and professional lighting are a must-have for in-person events, so why would you not do the same with your hybrid event or virtual stage?  Take it to the next level by incorporating pop-ups, custom graphics, and other elements that help make your remote venue consistent with what you would expect from any trade show, seminar, or keynote. 

Learn more about the resources available to help you transform your venue into a virtual stage.

How Do You Organize a Virtual Event?

What to do before the event:

1. Understand what technology and production components need to be incorporated to run a professional event; obtain lighting, audio, and video equipment that will meet your needs

2. Test software to guarantee that your host and presenters’ internet connections can support the platforms you are using

3. Consider any challenges your audience might face with technology or means of communication

4. Coordinate any at-home deliveries, such as “event in a box” kits to complement your on-screen seminar

5. Plan the conversation

6. Set expectations with event attendees and influencers; you may want to communicate any hashtags and social media guidelines with your invitation

What to do during the event:

1. Set the expectations of participants in the forum

2. Manage engagement tools; a host might opt to manage mute settings, and allow guests to ask questions in chat format

3. Set a realistic timeline, and establish a timekeeper

What to do after the event:

1. Follow-up with any recordings of the event that were promised to recipients

2. Invite attendees to give feedback

3. Encourage future breakout sessions with smaller groups

4. Outline anything that went wrong that needs to be improved upon for future events

5. Provide data to measure the success of the event, to determine if virtual meetings can be an ongoing part of your marketing strategy

Get Started Hosting a Virtual Event

Visit The Vendry’s Virtual Event Services page to help you plan and guide your next virtual event. Make it a fun, memorable experience for your participants, and a productive event for your client or company. Lean into the technology available to embrace virtual events for your current and future event needs!

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