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Coffee Tasting Experience

Bean Hoppers

Bean Hoppers: Coffee Tasting Experience


$10.99 - $15.99 per person

What's Included

The Bean Hoppers coffee tasting experience kit includes a flier about flavor, an event checklist with instructions, three tasting cards (used to track each coffee for aroma, body, acidity, flavor, and finish) a coffee tasting guide brochure explaining key terms used in tasting coffee, and 1-3 samples of arabica specialty grade coffee that is traceable to the farm it was grown on. We generally provide a sample of our members-only Estate Reserve coffee, which comes from small lots and is the cream of the crop!


We can include a tasting mug in each kit for an additional $5 charge. This mug holds 3-4 ounces of coffee and is the perfect size for tastings! Not to mention it's really cute. For an additional $3 charge, we can include a two-pack of hand-made cookies, created by our master chef! For an additional charge, we can include gourmet chocolates made by our master chef. Price varies from $2 - $4.00 depending on your choice of chocolates. Availability is weather dependent.

Pricing Details

$10.99 per person for a 1 coffee event with free shipping $11.99 per person for a 2 coffee event with $2 shipping $12.99 per person for a 3 coffee event with $3 shipping

Bean Hoppers

Beverage Services, Sacramento, CA

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