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The Virtual Slurp! Coffee Tasting

Latin American Coffee Academy

Latin American Coffee Academy: The Virtual Slurp! Coffee Tasting


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What's Included

Requirements for The Virtual Slurp! Requirement #1: Coffee You’ll need coffee! You can either: Option 1 – purchase a coffee kit through our partners, or Option 2 – each participant can purchase their own coffee locally Option 2 includes our Guide to Selecting the Right Coffee to help participants through the purchasing process. Requirement #2: Internet For The Virtual Slurp! Coffee Tasting, you will need access to a stable internet connection. Requirement #3: Brewing equipment On the day of the tasting, you will need to brew your own coffee. However, don’t worry about this one! You probably already have all you need in your kitchen. And we’ll walk your participants through this step with our Brew Coffee like the Pros Guide (which you receive when you book the tasting).


Depending on the type of tasting you choose, you can purchase separate coffee kits. Coffee kits can include either 1 bag of coffee or 3 smaller samples. The kits can also include brewing methods and filters or merchandise like tote bags or other coffee-related equipment.

Pricing Details

Pricing depends on the event chosen and the duration of the event. Prices for our virtual coffee events start at just USD$11 per screen connection for events of under 50 attendees. For events with more than 50 attendees, get in touch for pricing. Coffee kits are priced separately.

Latin American Coffee Academy

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