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Virtual Chocolate Tasting (3 Bars)

Not Boring Events

Not Boring Events: Virtual Chocolate Tasting (3 Bars)


$50 per person
$450 min

What's Included

Not Boring Events Chocolate Tasting *the perfect combination of eating, storytelling and comedy* Sample 1 hour Schedule Play a blind tasting game! Find out if you can distinguish high quality chocolate from the generic stuff Interactive Chocolate Flavor Pairing Game: Learn a fun polling based game about how to pair flavors with chocolate The Aztec Legend of Chocolate: How a mythical Aztec god stole chocolate for the human race and was forced to hide in the ocean because of it. How chocolate changes your brain chemistry: Most people don't realize this but dark chocolate actually has chemicals in it that change your brain, find out how you can use chocolate to ACTUALLY boost your cognitive performance.


Red wine pairing

Pricing Details

Event pricing is per person this include shipping, gratuity, chocolate boxes (which contain a blind chocolate tasting kit and four creft chocolate bars) and up to fifteen presentations