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Boozy Chocolate Tasting!

Not Boring Events 4

Not Boring Events: Boozy Chocolate Tasting!


$700 - $2,000

What's Included

3 boozy chocolate bars and a 1 hour presentation

Not Boring Events 4

Group Activities | Gifts & Swag, New York, NY

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  • Written April 13, 2021Has hired Not Boring Events
    Our experience with working with Not Boring Events was great - very professional, and an easy lift on our end. The tasting starts with some fun trivia and then moves into the tasting principles. It was a fun time.
  • Written April 8, 2021Has hired Not Boring Events
    Tova was great! Brought a lot of energy to the event, made it interactive and left people wanting more! She took something I've seen done 100x and really elevated the virtual tasting experience. Recommend!
  • Written April 7, 2021Has hired Not Boring Events
    Tova hosted a fun team event filled with expert knowledge and history of chocolate. We enjoyed every minute of it! Can't wait to try one of her other Events.