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Rye Workshop 3

Rye Workshop: Event Atmosphere Boxes


$45 per person

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Pricing starts at $45 / box

Rye Workshop 3

Experiential Design | Planning & Production, Brooklyn, NY

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  • Written April 22, 2020Has worked with Rye Workshop
    When I read an email from Rye Workshop about a new event design concept they're working on, I often find myself yelling "THAT'S THE COOLEST IDEA!" into my computer screen.
    I'm usually met with a look from my co-worker, Stephen, wondering if he should tell me that the Rye team can't actually hear me no matter how loud I yell - until I sh
  • Written April 8, 2020Has worked with Rye Workshop
    Rye Workshop's mantra of 'Connect Like a Human" couldn't be more accurate. They practice what they preach at every event, combining food and beverage, design, and one of a kind activation concepts, to create unique and memorable ways for guests to experience their clients' brands. They tap into guest psychologies and leave no stone unturn
  • Written April 6, 2020Has worked with Rye Workshop
    We love working with Rye Workshop. The team is super professional and extremely creative. Molly is delightful to work with. She knows our space and transforms it in ways that we are always amazed. I can't wait to see their next creation! I recommend Rye Workshop for your next product launch, experiential event and much more!